Rampur is famous by the name of Nawabs, know how beautiful and historical the palace here is

Rampur falls between Bareilly and Moradabad, the same Rampur which often comes in discussion about politics, the mood of this city is something like this. Not from today, but from the time of the Nawabs, this city was the center of discussion, even today the style of this city and its people is very different. We are saying this because Nawab Faizulla Khan belonged to this city, his royal style was so much that this same Nawab had even built a private railway station for himself, which he himself and his special people used.

Mahal sa hai railway station

The foundation of Rampur city was laid by Nawab Faizullah Khan, he was born in the city of Aonla in 1733. He sat on the throne of the Nawab from 1774 to 1794. His style was so royal that his stories are still young.

Khas Bagh Kothi was the attraction

There are many beautiful and historical buildings in and around Rampur city, one of them being Khasbagh Kothi, it is spread over such an area that thousands of people can live in it. Its carving is the center of attraction. It is said that this Kothi was built by Nawab Hamid Ali Khan in 1930. The Khas Bagh Kothi, which was once special, now seems bleak in the family dispute, its 400-acre campus is full of grass. The matter is going on in the court, so there is no one to look after it.

The first air-conditioned kothi was Khasbagh

Khasbagh Kothi is the first such Kothi in the country which was fully air conditioned. The old people here tell that there used to be an ice-house in the kothi, from there cold air was supplied to other rooms through fans. The dome on the minarets of the kothi and the precious chandeliers in the hall used to add to the beauty of the place.

Record books are in Raza Library

The library located in Rampur also has its own historical importance, it is known as Raza Library, it is said that there are more than 30 thousand books in this library which used to be recorded at some point of time. Now the central government has taken over it.

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