Monsoon travel: These places will make your honeymoon trip more romantic in monsoon

Monsoon travel: These places will make your honeymoon trip more romantic in monsoon

The rainy season is also considered as the romantic season. Most of the people wait for this season to make their partner happy. Some people spend quality time with their partner in the rainy season, while some go out to eat with him. Well in this pleasant weather, trip with partner (travel tips) But going is a different matter. Much time has passed for marriage, but partner in the rain (travel in monsoon) The romance in the relationship automatically increases by hanging out with him. Those who have just got married and are thinking of going on honeymoon, then definitely go in this monsoon. It is said that monsoon makes a honeymoon trip even more romantic.

Honeymoon is that part of most people’s life, which they are unable to ignore even if they want to. It is a different fun to enjoy this moment in the rain. Do you also want to go on a honeymoon trip in this monsoon, then you can explore these romantic tourist destinations of India. Learn about them…

Kovalam, Kerala

Considered a treasure trove of natural beauty, Kerala is considered to be a best tourist destination in terms of honeymoon trip. Although there are many beautiful places in this state, but if you want to go on honeymoon in monsoon, then you can go on a trip to Kovalam, the tourist spot here. The rainy season makes this place with greenery and plains more beautiful. Your partner will love this destination.


Even though it may be a cold place, but it is a different fun to visit here during the monsoons. You and your partner can spend quality time amidst the cool winds and beautiful views. You will not be able to forget the best views seen in monsoon for the whole life. Pangong Lake is a popular tourist spot of this place and its beauty increases in the rain.

Jaipur, Rajasthan

If you want to explore the place without mountains in the rainy season, then you should go to the capital of Rajasthan, the Pink City i.e. Jaipur. In the rainy season, the beauty of this place gets four moons. Rajasthan is a big state in terms of area and there will be no shortage of places to visit in Jaipur. Food is also very tasty in this city filled with historical monuments.

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