Dehradun Trip: If you plan to go to Dehradun, then definitely visit Sahastradhara once, the water here cures skin diseases.

Dehradun Trip: If you plan to go to Dehradun, then definitely visit Sahastradhara once, the water here cures skin diseases.

Summer is at its peak these days. At the same time, children’s summer vacations are also about to start, so if you want to make a small trip with family or friends, then Uttarakhand Located Dehradun can be a better option for you. In a trip of two to three days, you can reach Dehradun (Dehradun Trip) I can see the beautiful places here. If you have more time then you can also plan Mussoorie. If we talk about Dehradun, then here you will get to see scenes from many religious places to wildlife. Apart from this, you can also be a part of adventure sports here.

Sahastradhara is a place about 12 km away from Dehradun, it is a special attraction of tourists. If you are going to Dehradun, then do not forget to visit Sahastradhara. It is said that the water here is full of medicinal elements. This water cures skin related diseases. Know all the things related to Sahastradhara and other places of interest in Dehradun.

Sahastradhara is situated amidst dense forests

Situated amidst dense forests in the mountains, there is a group of hundreds of streams in Sahastradhara, hence this place is called Sahastradhara. Sahastradhara is like a picnic spot. The main attraction here are the many naturally carved small caves. You will see these caves after walking a little further on the hill. Water keeps dripping from the roof of these caves like a drizzling rain. A natural Shiva temple has been built in the middle of these caves. It is said that Guru Dronacharya did penance in this temple. Distraught with the heat, Dronacharya had received blessings from Shiva here that water would always be dripping in these caves.

water containing sulfur

It is said that the water dripping like raindrops from the roof of the caves is sulfur-rich and cures skin-related diseases. In Sahastradhara, streams of water are flowing from the hills all around, in which tourists coming here take bath. The fun of taking a bath with cold cold water during the summer is different. Manideep is situated at an altitude of about 3 thousand meters from Sahastradhara. One can reach here by ropeway. This can make your journey very memorable.

There is also an option to visit these places

Apart from Sahastradhara, Dehradun also has Tapkeshwar Temple, Robber’s Cave, Har Ki Doon Valley, Malsi Deer Park and Zonal Anthropological Museum. The Tapkeshwar temple is built in a natural cave, where water keeps falling on the Shivling. This is very much liked by the tourists. Apart from this, there are cold springs in Robber’s Cave, surrounded by high hills, this place is like a picnic spot. Located at an altitude of more than 3500 meters, Har Ki Doon Valley is famous for trekking and deodar forests. Whereas Malsi Deer Park is spread over 25 hectares, you will find all the animal species here. Zonal Anthropological Museum is one of the best museums in Dehradun, it was established by Anthropological Society of India.