Toothpaste Tube: Do you know the meaning of these colored blocks on toothpaste tubes? All these years you knew it was wrong!

Toothpaste is one of the things that we use regularly. Everyone uses the paste every morning while brushing. They use whatever brand of toothpaste they like. No matter who uses the paste… four colors are visible at the end of the tube, one above the other. One of them is red, another is blue, another is black, and the rest is green. Why are these colors used? Do you think the manufacturing companies should say anything to the consumers through them? Now let’s find out.

ToothPaste‌ What do the above colors mean?  

In light of the massive increase in internet usage, many people rely on Google for information. Even if there are false facts in the data coming from the net, many people believe that they are the truth. Also, many people have many misconceptions about the colors on the toothpaste tube. Many people think that these color blocks are made based on the materials used in the toothpaste tube. Most of the information on the internet says the same thing.

If there is a green mark on the end of a toothpaste tube, many people think that the paste is made using only natural ingredients. If it is blue in color then it is considered that medicinal mixture is used along with natural ingredients. And if the color is red, it is considered that chemical substances are mixed with natural substances. If it is black, it is said that only chemicals have been used. But experts say that this is completely untrue.  It is said that these colors have nothing to do with the combination of compounds in the toothpaste tube.   

So what do these colors say?  

Colgate company has recently given an explanation regarding this matter. Of course the tube of toothpaste is very long. However, after filling the appropriate amount of paste, the end of the tube is cut and pasted. How to cut to where exactly? The information is provided by the light sensor with respective colors at the end of the tube so that the machine can detect it. Then the tube is cut and pasted. After all, the colored dots at the end of the toothpaste tube can be thought of as a secret code. However, the Colgate company revealed that it is used only for tube cutting.

It’s a myth circulating on the internet referring to different products : cosmetics, toothpaste tubes, etc. There’s no hidden meaning, the squares are called eye marks and are used as a visual cue for the machinery to indicate where to cut the material.

— Colgate Smile (@Colgate) June 14, 2022

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