Tomato Pulao: Tasty tomato pulao, best food for kids

Tomato pulao is one of the simple dishes made with tomatoes. Its taste is overwhelming. It can be said to be the best food for children. This is a good recipe for a lunch box. It is a good food for both children and adults. It is also very easy to cook. It will be ready in half an hour.  Eating this is like eating full meals. It tastes different if eaten hot too

Basmati rice – two cups
Tomato slices – one cup
Onion – one
Ghee – two spoons
Chili – one spoon
Yellow – half a spoon
Salt – as per taste
Coriander powder – four spoons
Oil – four spoons
Curry leaves – a handful
Cashew nuts – eight
Ginger paste – one spoon
Garlic paste – one spoon
Green chillies – two
Garam masala – one spoon

< p>Preparation as
1. Wash and dry the rice well and keep it aside. If you cook with a little oil, the rice will become dry.

2. Put a pan on the stove and add oil. Add onion paste, green chillies, ginger paste, garlic paste and fry. 

3. Add tomato slices and mix. Tomatoes ripen better if covered. 

4. Add turmeric, salt and pepper and mix well. Add garam masala powder after all is boiled. 

5. Adding a spoonful of ghee also gives it a good taste.  

6. Add fried cashews and coriander leaves and mix. 

7. Now add salt and mix well. 

8. Turn on the stove and add boiled rice to it and mix. While mixing, mix dry and not lumpy. 

9. That’s it, tomato pulao is ready. 

Benefits of tomato…
1. Tomatoes are very good for skin and hair. The lycopene present in it is very beneficial for health. It prevents cancer.
2. Eating tomatoes is very beneficial for diabetics. Keeps blood sugar levels under control. The presence of chromium in it reduces sugar levels. 
3. These will boost your immunity. It is rich in vitamin C. It regulates stress hormones. 
4. The lycopene present in it prevents prostate, stomach and colorectal cancer. It inhibits the growth of cancer cells. 

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