Tips for Good Sleep: Do you need to sleep well? Just follow these simple tips!

Tips for Good Sleep: Do you need to sleep well?  Just follow these simple tips!

One third of our population is having sleepless nights. Moreover, 48 percent of people complain that their mental health is affected due to lack of sleep. Dr. Neil Stanley commented that sleep deprivation is a real problem and a worrying thing and we should try to avoid it. As a result, there is a chance to be physically healthy, mentally cheerful and energetic. For this let’s know some things said by sleep expert Dr. Stanley.

⦿ When the weather is cold or the sleeping room is cold, it takes time to fall asleep. Because the body loses its temperature somewhat in cold surroundings. May not sleep until back to normal. So make sure that the bedroom is warm. Generally, it is good to ensure that the temperature in the bedroom is between 16-18 centigrade degrees.

⦿ Work should be stopped approximately 30-45 minutes before going to sleep and computers should be switched off. During this time it is better to do things that are relaxing as much as possible. It could be meditation, good music, or reading a book, or spending time with family.  If you still can’t sleep, go to another room and try to do something else until you fall asleep. Moreover, Dr. Stanley says that it is a waste to lie in bed and get bored and not able to sleep, so it increases the stress.

⦿ Working out late at night definitely affects sleep. Working out in the evening is good, but working out at night can disrupt sleep. So night workouts should be avoided

⦿ It will be difficult to sleep in a new place. This is called the first night effect. In a new place, new noises make it difficult to sleep. If the brain believes that it is safe and secure, it will help to sleep, and it will try to stay awake even if it is not dangerous. That’s why you can’t sleep in new places.  Lights off and quiet before going to sleep in a new place can help you fall asleep faster. The next night might be even better.

⦿ Only humans sleep with one another. Stanley commented that this was a very unnatural approach to creation. Try to sleep in separate bed. He suggests sleeping in separate rooms if possible. He said that having a special place to sleep for you can’t be overstated how good and secure it feels. But it may not be possible for everyone to have separate bedrooms.

⦿ Sleeping with people who snore can become a huge inconvenience. With your partner you  That can be discussed. Using nasal strips, lying on your side, and losing weight can help prevent snoring. Experts suggest that mental and physical health can be maintained by sleeping on time with some precautions.

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