Tips for Cold: Do you have a cold? Relief in a pinch with these simple tips

Rainy season has come and fear of diseases  will begin. If the weather changes, cold will greet us first. Immediately after that I get a fever as well. That’s why if we want to get rid of them, we can maintain our health by following small tips. If one person in the house has a cold, it will spread to everyone. We have to take precautions to prevent that from happening. Cold can be cured with the things we have at home. 

Sleep full of eyes

Human body needs about 8 hours of sleep. If we sleep well, we can be healthy and cheerful.  Due to sleep full of eyes, cytokines proteins from our body  will be released. They boost immunity and fight infection.  


Daily  Regular exercise is very good for health. We are fit. Relieving chronic diseases by regular exercise  available Besides overcoming stress, circulation of white blood cells in our body is faster. By doing that, we can easily get rid of common diseases.

Vitamin D 

If our body does not get enough vitamin D, we will get sick soon. That is why we should make sure that the food we eat is rich in vitamin D. Low vitamin D is a sign of a weakened immune system. Sunlight is the best way to get vitamin D. A walk in the sun early in the day is very good for health. Apart from that, we should include products like fish and chicken eggs in our diet. Eat all kinds of vegetables and fruits. Seasonal fruits should be taken. Eating greens a day is very good for health. From all these  Vitamins are very useful to increase our immunity. 

Green tea, black tea 

Antioxidants are abundant in green tea. Antioxidants play an important role in boosting immunity. Green tea  Adding a little lemon is even better. Why is it too late, get used to drinking green tea every day. 


To be healthy, we should be clean along with our house. If it is unhygienic, the chances of getting diseases are high. Therefore, when coming from outside, hands and feet should be washed clean. It is best to stay away from those who have cold. 

Turmeric and pepper powder 

Drinking turmeric and milk during a cold gives good relief. That’s why when we have a cold, our grandmothers put turmeric, shonti and pepper in milk,  They keep telling me to drink the potion. They are very good for health.  Turmeric works well as an antioxidant. Not only does immunity increase, but it also prevents the flu from reaching us. 

Do not get wet in the rain 

Be careful not to get wet in the rain. If wet  Immediately take a clean bath and dry your head. If turmeric is added to hot water and steamed, it will relieve cold.

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