Tips for Better Sleep : Even if you take those healthy foods for dinner.. you will lose sleep

Tips for Better Sleep : Even if you take those healthy foods for dinner.. you will lose sleep

Lack of Sleep : It is said that if you work hard all day, you will sleep well at night. However, due to some reasons, sleep can be lost. Mental and physical disorders can disrupt sleep. But did you know? Some foods also cause sleepless nights. That is why some foods should be avoided before going to bed, experts say. They say they are good for health but not best to take at night. So what kind of foods should be avoided.. Now let's find out what are the sleep disturbance caused by them. Foods that are digestible and contain a lot of sugar should be avoided. Things that increase heartburn should be reduced. Along with these, some healthy foods and drinks should also be avoided. That is..


Do you have a misconception that drinking drugs will help you sleep better? But what you think is wrong. Alcohol can make you drowsy. But.. it takes away your natural sleep at night. Alcohol relaxes all the muscles in the body. It increases obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. Besides, it increases the effect of acid in the stomach. 

Heavy foods

It is better to stay away from food that makes the stomach feel heavy at night. Otherwise it takes longer to digest. Fatty, cheese, fried foods lead to indigestion. These cause sleepless nights. 

Water Content Foods

Foods with high water content are good for health. But it is better not to take them at night. Because when you eat this kind of food, you have to get up more to go to the bathroom. It disturbs your sleep. It is better not to take things like watermelon and keeradosa at night. 


Caffeine foods are also not good to take during the day. Such a night means that you have spoiled your health by yourself. Apart from this, it is better not to take soda, sweets, ice creams. Although these make you happy to eat at night, they gradually take away your sleep. 

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods taken at night can increase heartburn. But these are not only heart problems but also affect sleep. Eating masala increases heat in the body. This will make you fall asleep quickly. So you can have breakfast instead of dinner. 

Apart from these, it is better to stay away from foods like tomatoes, soy sauce, eggplant, red wine, cheese. Citrus juice and green onions can increase inflammation in the heart and disturb sleep. Dry fruits, beans, broccoli, cauliflower can increase stress. Fiber rich fruits and vegetables are good for body but not good for night sleep.

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