Thyroid: If these symptoms appear … it is as if you have a thyroid

Thyroid problems are more common in women. Women can suffer a lot mentally and physically if the thyroid gland is not functioning properly. If the thyroid problem is detected early, the problem may not be as severe. Premature ejaculation, especially in girls, and infertility in married women can be premature. What are the symptoms of a thyroid problem?

Swelling near the neck
The thyroid gland is located in the neck. Swelling appears when there is a change in thyroid function. That part still looks high when the water is sipped. This is also known as goiter. People with hypothyroidism tend to gain weight. Hyperthyroidism, on the other hand, can lead to thinning. & Nbsp; Psychological anxiety increases. Sleep does not hold properly. Feels annoying. Tired of doing small work. These changes are seen in people with hypothyroidism.

Heart palpitations
Hyperthyroidism increases the heart rate. This makes the heart feel palpitations. People with hyperthyroidism feel heartburn. Heart beat increases. In people with hypothyroidism, the heart rate slows down. Thyroid gland function is now declining in most women. So it is a good idea to have a thyroid test every three months. You should consult a doctor or dietitian if you have any doubts. You will notice that this article is just for your understanding.

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