Thumb Sucking Habit : Does your child put his finger in his mouth? Wean it like this

Thumb Sucking Habit : Does your child put his finger in his mouth?  Wean it like this

Thumb Sucking Habit : Thumb Sucking Habit is a common habit from newborns to some adults. If this habit is left alone, it becomes an addiction that cannot be stopped. Moreover, experts say that changes in the face will occur in this habit. That’s why parents try hard to wean it. And what are the changes in the face due to this? Now let’s know how to stop this habit in children and adults. 

Side effects..

New born babies just put their finger in their mouth. It calms them down and provides sleep. As it grows older it becomes a habit. If you do not put your finger in your mouth, you will be unable to sleep. But this habit may not have any immediate consequences but it has permanent side effects. Its effect is especially on the teeth.

Health experts say that the habit of putting the finger in the mouth has significant negative effects on the teeth. This leads to tooth loss as well as stuttering and speech impediments. Also when babies put their thumb in their mouth it causes their front teeth to bend outwards. If this process continues it can lead to dental problem. Also, high teeth can cause major changes in facial expressions. 

Avoid it with these tips..

Many people use braces to correct dental problems caused by clenching. . But experts say there are some tips to stop this habit from childhood. Instead of being serious or hitting them, try to remove their habit with love. Thumb guards or a glove can greatly reduce the habit of putting your finger in your mouth. Saying you’ll get a gift if you stop putting your finger in your mouth works well. Or you can encourage them by giving them a daily sticker. 

Trigger Points

Identify when they are actually snapping their fingers. Many people put their finger in their mouth before going to sleep. Others finger themselves when stressed, bored, or tired. If you identify these trigger points and give them solutions, you can reduce the habit. Or you can give them some toys to play with without leaving their hands free..drawings, puzzles etc. 

Adults can stop this..

Adults can stop this habit. If you want to get rid of it.. try meditation, exercise, stress relief methods. The finger can be covered with fabric. Otherwise bitter substances can be applied on it. You can keep your hands busy with a stress ball. Or you can try gum. If the habit persists you can consult a psychiatrist. It will give you better results. 

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