This week there will be no impact on income and health for these zodiac signs

Weekly Horoscope 19-25 September:  From September 19 Monday to September 25 Sunday this week from Libra to Pisces. Let’s see how the results are…

Aries (Ashwini, Bharani, Krittika 1) : Good news for the unemployed this week. Chances of getting a job in a good company are good. Unmarried people get married. Debts will be removed. But it is better to stay away from unnecessary contacts. Don’t make promises to anyone. Sudden journeys are likely. 

Vrishabha Rasi (Krittika 2,3,4, Rohini, Mrigasira 1,2) : This week  is favorable in all ways for Taurus. There is . There is no shortage of health and income. Important tasks will be completed. Students must work hard. Time is favorable for IT and medical students. But don’t trust everyone completely. Court disputes will be settled. 

Mithuna Rasi (Mrigashira 3,4, Arra, Punarvasu 1,2,3) : This week will be mixed for this sign. Financial help is provided to the relatives who are in trouble. Even if the income is stable, financial suffering is inevitable. Ashtama Shani running will cause illness. Support from relatives will be received. Students will come together this week.

Cancer sign (Punarvasu 4, Pushyami, Ashlesha): For this sign, the value of words among relatives will increase this week. Financial transactions are profitable. There is a possibility of doing auspicious things in marriage. Foreign travel tips seem to be coming. Suitable for students in the field of science and arts. Love affairs are profitable. S‌pta‌ma s‌ s‌ra‌m‌ There is a possibility of travel stress and travel.

Leo sign  (Makha, Pubba, Uttara 1) : This week they will have a long life. The contract will be resolved. Will spend time comfortably with relatives..There is a chance of marriage for unmarried people. Unexpected money comes to hand. Health will deteriorate. Spend time with spiritual worries. Court cases are favorable. The time is favorable for those in mathematics,  doctors, technology experts, social service fields. 

Kanya Rasi  (Uttara 2,3,4, Hasta, Chitta 1,2) : Health benefits are going down. In the middle of the week there are signs of a waste of money. There is a possibility of differences with relatives. Participates in auspicious activities. It is better to stay away from financial transactions. Good news will be heard from abroad. Long distance travel is done. Love affairs will be complicated.

Libra sign (Chitta 3,4, Swati, Visakha 1,2,3) : For this sign This week is not very favorable due to the transit of Saturn in the fourth and Jupiter in the sixth. There are mixed results. Income is stable. Marriage problems are favorable. Love affairs are profitable. Success in court cases. But don’t follow anyone blindly. Suitable for those in the fields of art and literature. Students receive praise from teachers or faculty. Speculation‌ It will not bring much profit.

Scorpio sign  (Visakha 4, Anuradha, Jyeshta) : There is a possibility of stress for this sign this week. There is going to be a house gain. Real estate earns good profits for them. Support of wife and children is available. Love affairs are also suitable. Be careful about money. Those in the social spheres get recognition. There is a possibility that one person in the family will get married. Students will have hard work.

Sagittarius sign  (Mula, Purvashadha, Uttarashadha 1) : If you are lucky, this week will be your day. Spaces seem to separate the rays. Economic situation will improve as before. They try to settle the debts. Ana’s disputes with Bhaga Swami are mutually exclusive. They think for their own house. Fruit grows in the community. There is stress in the job.

Makara Rasi  (Uttarashadha 2,3,4, Shravanam, Dhanishta 1,2) :  They will have mixed results this week. There will be no progress in the job.  Good for marriage attempts. Health improves. There are indications of increased mental stress. It is a good idea to meditate. Unexpected expenses are likely to occur in the middle of the week. Some tasks may be delayed. Get respect in the community.

Aquarius (Dhanishta 3,4, Satabhisham, Purvabhadra 1,2,3) :  They will have job opportunities. Costs can go up a lot. Health improves. There are times when you are under pressure. Hard work for students. In love affairs, you should step forward. Suitable for court cases. New items are purchased. They pray to clear their debts.

Meena Rasi (Purvabhadra 4, Uttarabhadra, Revathi) :  For them, the Gurus are in a position of benefit. They have auspicious results. Have a peaceful week. Marriage problems of children will be beneficial. Relatives are met. There are long distance journeys. Health is good. Love gifts are fruitful. There are also job opportunities. 

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