This tarmac road exudes aromas and makes you mesmerize!

When traveling on the

roadthere are various smells. It can smell bad.. or it can smell good. However, if you travel on this road, you will mesmerize yourself. Because this road smells of strawberries. Do you wonder if there are any strawberry plantations along the way? But no.. this smell is coming from the asphalt road. How is that possible? However, you should know about this road in Russia. 

The smell of asphalt is known to be unpleasant and it can make you feel breathless. Even in adverse conditions, the workers are working on asphalt roads. However, a company in the Leningrad region of Russia recently created a strawberry-scented asphalt. When the road is paved with that asphalt, the smell is overwhelming. Even after the construction of the road is completed, the smell continues to emanate from the road. 

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This road was laid as an experiment so that the passengers would not get any bad smell on this road. After laying a new road, the asphalt smell remains for many days. It can also be inconvenient for motorists. Hence, the road construction company came up with this idea. As part of the Safe High-Quality Roads National Project, a 700-meter-long road was built in Vsevolozsk district of Leningrad on June 30. About 300 tons of strawberry-scented asphalt mixture was used for the experiment. However, it is not clear how many days this smell will last. At present, the motorists and passengers passing through that road are comfortably enjoying the smell of strawberry.