This is what a slave’s bedroom looked like thousands of years ago, take a look

This is what a slave’s bedroom looked like thousands of years ago, take a look

Once upon a time when monarchy ruled the world, the lives of the slaves were very miserable. Slaves were looked upon as worse than dogs and were made to drive donkeys by them. It was practiced not only in some kingdoms but also in many kingdoms thousands of years ago. Thousands lived as slaves. Recently, archaeologists found traces of a room used by slaves near the city of Pompeii in Italy. Archaeologists say that this room was the bedroom of slaves 2000 years ago. It is said that they used to live in this same room. They say that the area was destroyed by a volcanic eruption at that time. Archaeologists have unearthed the slave rooms in the middle of the stone slabs. Now we can see how the room looked like 2000 years ago. It is built entirely of mud. There are two beds. But only one seems to have a mattress. There are also some ceramic bowls and two cabinets. The remains of rats were also found in this room.

The number of people living as slaves in Italian society was high. Slaves are those who push a large family into the smallest room without adequate facilities. They lived on the little money and food given by their masters. The Italian Ministry of Culture has also declared that the bedroom discovered by archaeologists is a bedroom used by slaves. Already many excavations in Italy have uncovered evidence of how slaves once lived. Researchers say that a very small room was allotted to them.

Archaeologists say that many slaves died in the area due to the eruption of the volcano. Last year, the skeleton of a slave who died in a volcanic eruption was found in this area. He is between 40 to 45 years old. It is confirmed that he died due to volcanic eruption.  Archaeologists are uncovering new things as they excavate the debris from the site of the volcano’s eruption. Every year new things keep coming out in that area. Researchers say that thousands of years ago very rich people lived in that area and they used to bring slaves for their work. 

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