This is the real logic behind husband and wife drinking milk on the first night of marriage

 In Hindu tradition, the first night of marriage is very important. Both will see better days. Adults say that everything should be done methodically. One of the age-old traditions is drinking milk mixed with saffron flowers on the first night. No one has ever thought why this practice, but behind every tradition they put in place in ancient times, there is definitely a reason related to health. Also there is a very strong reason behind drinking milk mixed with saffron petals on the first night. 

Why a glass of milk?
Marriage is a sacred bond. For that relationship to last forever, both the bride and groom should become closer. It was the first night of the approach. This milk is to keep both the husband and wife from getting tired of the marriage and staying strong on that day. The first night is the foundation of a happy married life. According to tradition, it is believed by the ancestors that starting married life with a glass of saffron milk will make the bond sweeter. That’s why this tradition is given. 

If you mix saffron with milk…
Everybody knows that milk is a fortifying food. Putting saffron flowers in it will make both of them more powerful. And saffron petals are aphrodisiac. Together with tryptophan present in milk, saffron petals improve vitality. It helps reduce stress in the newly married couple. Scientifically, many studies have shown that saffron has great antioxidant properties.  It is good for improving mood and maintaining mental health. It also reduces early signs of depression.  

When did it start?
According to ancient scriptures, the Kamasutra mentions drinking a mixture of milk and kunkula flowers. It is written that drinking it increases sexual power. But once a glass of milk was mixed with various spices like fennel juice, honey, sugar, turmeric, pepper and saffron. Now only milk – saffron is being added. Some consume only milk. 

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