This flight reaches the destination in the blink of an eye, the ticket is just Rs.1,645!

How much time does it take to reach Hyderabad from Delhi? If the weather is good, we can reach the destination within two hours. The distance (aerial distance) between these two cities is 1,253 kilometers so it takes that much time. 

However, this flight in Scotland‌ will reach the destination in the blink of an eye.. You will be shocked immediately. Then they wonder how it is possible. At least they think it is impossible to go in a rocket. But you got burned right there. Destination means you are still thinking about Delhi to Hyderabad. It is impossible to reach a destination 1,253 km away in the blink of an eye. So, what is the distance between your departure point and destination? Think that. Because that plane travels the shortest distance in the world. It takes you to your destination before you even take a breath. 

Usually a flight is more than a hundred kilometers away. But travel blogger Noel Phillips has revealed to the world the shortest distance flight ever. He posted a video of this journey on social media. Now this video is going viral on the net. This flight takes just one minute and 14 seconds. He revealed that this was the shortest flight in his life. Noel said in this video that the journey continued between Papa Westray and West Isles in Scotland.  
Noel also revealed many interesting facts about this flight. Not only did he fly the shortest distance in the world, but he also said that he stayed overnight on a Scottish island. He revealed that the distance between Papa Vestre and Veste Islands, which he had traveled to, was only 2.7 km. Even if it is a very short distance.. for this journey the airline charges 17 pounds which is Rs. in Indian currency. He said he took 1,645. Noel said this is the world’s most expensive long-distance flight. He said that this plane makes two trips a day. He revealed that tourists are mainly taken to Papa Westray and West Islands. Noel explains in his video that the flight is operated by a company called Loganair.   
Noel said that his actual journey to the West Islands by plane took one minute and 14 seconds. He revealed that if you go by boat instead of by plane, it will take about 20 minutes. However, he revealed that air travel is very easy and convenient compared to boat travel. Currently, the video posted by him is getting lakhs of views. Besides.. interesting comments are coming from netizens. The airline revealed that tourists are showing more interest in taking this flight journey to see if Noel’s video is meritorious. Tourists did not come in large numbers before that. After Noel’s video, their number has increased significantly. The organization also thanked Noel. 

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