These are the questions you should definitely ask your future wife or husband before you get married

Some people leave it up to their elders to decide whom to marry, and follow the relationship they see. Some choose the person they love or choose. Be that as it may, there are certain questions that must be asked before marriage. You need clarity on some points. Life is precious. Marriage is the most important event in it. So care must be taken in choosing a life partner. So ask these questions to your future husband or wife. Based on his/her answers to these questions, decide whether you want him/her as your life partner or not.  Here are those questions…

1. Do you see a good husband/wife in me? Why did you choose me?
As soon as you ask this question, he will tell you something. He said, “They saw something in our house, how do I know?” How can I say now’, ‘I didn’t think that much’… such light answers are coming, it means that the person is not so serious about his life partner. It means that he doesn’t even know the value to give her. So it is a waste to associate with such a person. 
2. Should the marriage be done strictly?
To this question he said ‘To be done strictly, we need each other’ If he answers that, it means that he has faith in marriage. ‘It is not necessary’, ‘Even if it is done for the elders’, ‘Marriage is not worth much, cohabitation is better’ If he gets such answers, it means that he does not believe in marriage. You have to decide whether you want a relationship with that person or not. 

3. Do you like children? Do you want?
Those who want to have children are committed to family and relationships. ‘They will be born after marriage’, ‘Who will take care of children if they are born’, ‘I don’t want children until a few years after marriage’… It means not much interest in family life. He who loves children surely loves family life too. 

4. Do you want to have a better future with me?
Walking with someone you want to marry means building a future. He who wants to be with them for the rest of his life imagines the future. ‘I believe my future is linked with you, I think it will be more beautiful’ You can comfortably marry the person who said. Otherwise, people who talk like I am getting married should be kept away. 

5. Are all your friends married? What is your opinion on their married life?
This question is answered by “His life was good before marriage, after marriage he was ruined’, ‘He made marriage unnecessary’. Just think if such negative comments come from him. ‘There are both difficulties and pleasures in life, they must be adjusted’ If you hear such dialogues, it means that you can do it.   

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