There is a ban on that baby powder in Maharashtra, it should not be used for babies if it contains these chemicals

Every product used on children should be handled with great care. Due to the presence of some types of chemicals, they are prone to skin problems and some types of cancer. That is why the Maharashtra government has banned Johnson and Johnson baby powder. The license was canceled as the product failed the quality inspection. According to the Maharashtra Food and Drugs Administration, Johnson’s Baby Powder  has found the pH value to be much higher than the permissible level. The sample provided by Johnson’s firm for inspection was found to be of very poor quality. They said that this affects the skin health of children. That’s why Johnson banned the manufacture of baby powder in his state. 

How is it made?
Baby powder‌s are used for children’s skin care. They are made from minerals in the soil and corn starch. But some chemicals are added excessively. That’s why you should buy powders that do not contain any chemicals. Do not buy if there are chemicals mentioned below. The chemicals used in the baby powder are also written on the stickers pasted on it. It is better not to use them if any of them are mentioned below. 

Bleach: Bleach can cause eyesight problems, sore throat and shortness of breath in children. It is a very reactive substance. It can cause serious health implications when mixed with chemicals. 

Sulfates: Powders containing sulfates such as SLS or SLES should not be applied to children. These are generally used to remove dirt. But if these are added to baby powder, it can cause rashes, redness and infections on the delicate skin of babies. 

Phthalates: It is used in plastic toys, food packaging covers and tins. It is very harmful. Blocks the growth of sex hormones. It causes problems like low sperm count and deformity in reproductive organs.

Asbestos: Asbestos is also used in baby talcum powders.  These can harm baby’s sensitive skin.

Parabens: These chemicals can cause serious skin problems. Prevents reproductive organs from growing effectively. This causes fertility problems in children when they grow up. As children reach puberty, weight issues can arise. 

How to protect baby’s skin?
According to Health‌line, baby powder‌ Avoid inhalation by children. Otherwise respiratory problems may occur. Do not write directly on children’s genitals. Care should be taken not to get it in the eyes. Do not sprinkle the powder directly on children. Put it on a piece of cloth and write to the children. 

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