The catechu used in paan is of great use, it cures many diseases… know its benefits

The catechu used in paan is of great use, it cures many diseases… know its benefits

Kattha Benefits For Health: Have you ever eaten betel leaf? If you have eaten, then you will be well acquainted with Katha, because it is possible to eat Paan only when Katha is present in it, Katha is the main ingredient of Paan. It turns the lips red while eating Paan. It also tastes good. , But do you know how many benefits it gives to health. Katha has been considered beneficial for the body in some ways. If it is used in limited quantity, it can prevent some diseases. In botany, it is Special preference has been given. Let us know about the benefits of catechu

Benefits of catechu

  • To relieve sore throat Katha can be used for this. For this, mixing katha in warm water or sucking katha powder can also relieve sore throat.
  • Katha has anti-fungal properties. It helps prevent fungal infections. It is also effective in treating various types of skin allergies or pigmentation.
  • If you have an upset stomach and you are suffering from diarrhea Using can be beneficial. Consuming katha cooked or boiled in water provides relief in diarrhoea. It is beneficial in digestive problems.
  • Many times mouth ulcers become very painful. In such a situation, you can consume catechu. That is, if you eat betel leaf after applying it, then the blisters can be removed easily.
  • You can use the decoction even if there is swelling in the gums or toothache. For this, clean the teeth and gums regularly by mixing the catechu in the paste. This will easily solve your problem. You don’t have to use a lot of catechu, but just a pinch of it should be mixed in the paste.
  • You can also use catechu to cure malaria and fever. It acts like a medicine. Malaria can be prevented by making a tablet and sucking it from time to time. li>

How Katha is made

Khair tree is used to make Katha, to make it by cutting the trunk of Khair tree Its wood is cut thinly. These chopped woods are boiled. After boiling them for about 3 to 4 hours, the extract that comes out of this water is filtered through a muslin cloth, then it is kept in an open vessel until it crystallizes.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or related expert. 

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