The boss is giving me a hint to do so .. what not to do ..

Question: Hi I am working in an office. This is all for me. That is why I am working with a sense of dedication. But here’s the problem. It haunts me in the form of our boss. That is .. he wants me. He is making many attempts to let me know this. Although I have observed all of this, I do not seem to know what it is. Because this job is so important to me. I have to tell you something here too. He is already married. Answer me now. Fear of losing the job if confronted by him. Can’t wait to see that. What not to do .. give advice.
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Doctor Answer: Hi, thank you for contacting us. I can understand how embarrassing your problem is. Most people are self-righteous. Do not want to continue the affair just to keep the job. If your boss is giving you hints that you want to spend time with him .. it is important to be careful. Do not neglect your work by falling into this trap. Because everyone should be able to recognize that it is very important that you stay there. For that, do everything you can regularly.

Employees in most offices are thinking of the tribe to form relationships with their superiors. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. Some people have it in mind that there are no such rules in the office.

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As for you, your boss is already married. It is not good for you to have an affair with him. It also brings intense opposition to your job. This will also make your condition worse. This kind of relationship is not going to be good in the new good for the two of you. This could have caused you to lose your job as well.
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And if you want to protect yourself from him .. remember a few things. He said your boss has authority over you. Wants you mentally, sexually. He uses his power for this. So it is important to talk to him in advance and set some rules. You describe your situation as His clear. Tell him clearly what is on your mind. Let them know that you are not interested in anything other than the job. Tell management if he does not leave. This will solve most of the problem.