The better you play this video game, the better your eyesight!

A lot ofdoctors say that there is a possibility of eye problems due to watching TV and smart phone for a long time. Yes.. kids these days enjoy watching cartoon channels on TV for hours. They play loud video games on computers. Sometimes, due to looking at those screens for a long time, the children also face problems with the eye sight. However, a strange video game made available by Japanese researchers works very differently.

Glaucoma detection with METEOR BLASTER

Scientists at Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine have teamed up with Japanese television company Sendai Broad Casting Co Ltd to create a video game called METEOR BLASTER. Researchers have revealed that it helps improve vision. This video game can be used to monitor the performance of the eyes of the players. This game identifies the early symptoms of glaucoma. This helps prevent  potential blindness. 

In Japan 4.65 million < Glaucoma is the number one cause of blindness in Japan, according to government statistics. An estimated 4.65 million people in that country suffer from glaucoma. It has been found that 90% of them became blind due to not going to the hospital until the problem worsened. When detected at an early stage..  Glaucoma can be cured with drugs.   

Actually  Have glaucoma? Or? Although the government wanted to conduct tests to find out, people did not show interest. In this background, scientists have created this video game to identify the eye problem. Video games are generally harmful to human eyesight. Eye problems occur when playing for a long time. But, this particular mobile game is an exception. >Tests

METEOR BLASTER is a space shooter. Power in the form of white light orbs‌ The target is to blast incoming meteors while collecting ups. Players of this game should keep the phone at a distance of 30 cm from their eyes.  Try to blast as many meteorites as possible.  After playing 16 sections in four stages.. the game scores your performance from one to five‌ Allots A score of 1 to 3 is considered to be good eyesight. Those who score four,  five are sent for glaucoma tests. With mobile video games becoming more popular these days, experts believe that entertaining apps like METEOR BLASTER can help prevent serious health conditions.

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