Thailand offers a crazy offer to Indians : Want a Thai massage? Thailand has given a crazy offer to Indians

Thailand offers a crazy offer to Indians : Want a Thai massage?  Thailand has given a crazy offer to Indians

Thailand offers a crazy offer to Indians : Almost anyone who wants to leave India and go to any neighboring country needs a visa. Everyone knows that. But even if you don’t have a visa, it doesn’t matter.. A country is calling that you can come to our country anytime within these six months. Why are Indians coming without a visa? Can you go like that? What will bring them together by going like this? What is the name of that country? Is this true? Is it a lie? Do you have questions like that? But the answer is 100 percent true. 

The reason is the same..

Thailand is a country..Indians can come to our country even without a visa. It gave a bumper chance that you can come here anytime without a visa in the next six months. This offer was given to increase the tourism market in that country. Thailand is targeting around 28 million arrivals this year. This decision was taken with the aim of increasing economic growth in the country. In particular, Thailand’s economy is heavily dependent on exports. Tourism plays a vital role in the economic growth of any country. That is why the tourism sector allows Indians to come to their country without visa.

Six months..

Is there any deadline for this? when can we go That means it has a deadline. We can travel visa-free to Thailand for six months from November 10 to May 10, 2024. As the tourism season is just around the corner.. you can definitely visit this country if you want to go. The Thai government has taken this decision with the aim of attracting more tourists. 

Even for the Chinese..

However, this is not new for the country to take such a decision. A record 39 million people visited the country in 2019. There are 11 million Chinese tourists in it. Thailand abolished visas in September 2023 for the Chinese, a tourism market during the pre-pandemic period. Good news for Indian tourists in this order.

Thai massage..

Tips for you too, if you are a person who goes to tours a lot… you will be comfortable in your holiday. Thailand can be engraved. Thailand is well known for its historical, natural and cultural sites. Beaches and islands can be visited. One can trek in the mountains. But here massage is more famous than this. Thai massage has a special place in the world. If you are also in a stressful life, you can go to Thailand if you want some rest from it. Moreover, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, Thailand is the fifth largest medical tourism. More people come here for cosmetic surgeries. Especially for those who undergo sex reassignment surgeries, there is no need to say anything special about this country. Sex tourism is also a part of the economy here.

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