Telugu Recipe: Cabbage Vadalu, a simple evening snack recipe

There are very few dishes made with cabbage. We want to make only curry, veppu and manchuria but we can also make fritters with them. A snack recipe that kids and adults will love. Once you do it, you will want to eat it again. It is not very difficult to do it. 

Cabbage tarug – 3/4 cup
Minappappu – half cup
Coriander powder – quarter cup
Green chillies – one
Salt – to taste
Water – enough
Oil – enough for deep frying
Green peas – quarter cup
Onion – one

Preparation as
1. Soak gram dal for four hours and grind it. Grind it thickly without adding too much water. 
2. Cabbage should be finely chopped. Green peas should be boiled. 
3. Grind the green peas finely by hand. 
4. Grind chickpeas in a bowl and add green peas paste, cabbage paste, onion paste and green chilli paste and mix. 
5. Add salt and coriander and mix well. 
6. Add oil to the pan and let it heat. 
7. Cabbage fritters are ready if the rub is fried in oil. 
8. If they are placed on an oil absorbent paper, they will absorb the oil in the vada. But it is a source of nutrients. It contains nutrients like calcium, iodine, potassium, sulphur, phosphorus and iron. When it comes to vitamins A, B, C, E and K are available along with folic acid. You will not gain weight by eating this curry. Calories are very low. It has high anti-bacterial and anti-viral power. Eating cabbage regularly can reduce the risk of cancer. Women eat it to reduce the risk of breast cancer. But eating too much will cause problems. There is a risk of thyroid in females. That is why it should not be eaten more than two or three times a week. It has the property of reducing the risk of heart attacks, stroke, skin related problems and ulcers. It is rich in vitamin C. Eating dishes made with it improves the immune system. The Chinese use cabbage juice in medicine. Drinking raw cabbage juice is very beneficial. Cabbage is also eaten raw and sprinkled raw in fast food. They add a lot of flavor to the rice. Cabbage curry cooked with tomato and fried cabbage are very tasty. Applying this to children at least twice a week is very beneficial. 

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