Techies Height: Songs for ‘height’, Techies who are spending lakhs for it – these difficulties should not even come to Pagodi!

We do not have the opportunity to decide in advance how we will be born. Color and form is something that is out of our hands. But, some people feel sad that their color is not good and their shape is not good. They try to look beautiful anyway. Such people pay fees of lakhs of rupees to doctors and try to apply artificial beauty. Sometimes they face severe difficulties in that effort. There are cases where some people have also lost their lives.

‘Hite’ Songs for: And the real thing is.. Techies have been suffering from a disease for some time. People who are short remain in a sense of inferiority. They are making various efforts to increase their height. He does not hesitate to spend a huge amount for this. If you struggle for a few months  ‘short’ They think that they can escape from the pain.

All are techies of big companies: Kevin Debiparshad, a cosmetic surgeon from Las Vegas, recently said that the ‘height’ Many important things related to madness have been revealed. Nevada-based Limb‌ He, who is the head of Plast‌X Institute, revealed that the techies of the world’s top companies are facing many difficulties to increase their height. Las Vegas‌ 20 people in soft‌ Wear engineers revealed that he is currently undergoing treatment to increase his height. Many of them use Google, Face‌ He said that he is working in top tech companies like Book, Amazon and Microsoft.   

‘Height’ Is it possible to grow taller?: Kevin is actually a doctor with a lot of experience in treating height gain. About 3 to 6 inches of height increase is possible after the treatment. It is about a month long process. During the operation, the doctor breaks the thigh bone of the person who wants to increase in height..  Surgical nails are installed. After the operation, these nails  regularly for three months magnetic remote control‌ are extended with It takes at least three months for the bones to become solid. A person who wants to increase height has to face a lot of difficulties during the recovery period after the operation. Care must be taken during recovery as the bone is  soft and prone to snapping. Otherwise, there is a possibility of facing many problems after the surgery.    

CEOs in top tech companies,  actors from the film industry take medical treatments to look good and increase height. 70 thousand to 1 lakh 50  Costs up to thousands of dollars. This procedure is not recommended for athletes. Because it reduces their stability. Also.. weakens their bones.

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