Sweet Recipe: Make palabures in a pinch so that children like them

At home children keep asking for something to eat. It is difficult to buy it regularly, so if you make this kind of milk, it will taste better than it is healthy. If you make these once, they will be fresh for a week. The cost of making these is also very low. 

Rice flour – one cup
Grated jaggery – one cup
Cooked and cooled Milk – one cup
Green coconut – quarter cup
Oil – enough for deep fry
Salt – half spoon

Preparation as
1. Dry rice flour can be used to make milk pudding. Aricella is visible so many people think wet rice is pressed. 
2. First put a cast iron on the stove and melt the jaggery. If you add some water, it dissolves well. 
3. Cook the jaggery when it melts and is not too thick and not too watery. 
4. Now add rice flour, raw coconut and salt in a bowl and mix well. 
5. Add boiled and cooled milk and mix well. 
6. Then add jaggery paste to the flour and mix well. 
7. Mix without any flour. It should not be too thick and should not be too slippery. 
8. Cover and keep aside for ten minutes.
9. Now add enough oil to deep fry the pan. 
10. After the oil heats up, take the dough with a ladle and put it in one place. It is made to swell round. 
11. If you don’t fry it and keep it aside, the palabures are ready. 
They are sweet so children like them very much. 

All the ingredients we have used in this are ingredients that provide strong nutrients. Special mention should be made of jaggery and milk. Eating jaggery can reduce the problem of constipation. If you chew a small piece of jaggery every day, the problem of constipation will be solved within a few days. Also the problem of anemia also disappears. Moreover, the nutrients in jaggery also check liver problems. Expels toxins. It also plays a vital role in purifying the blood. It is rich in antioxidants, zinc and selenium nutrients. Increases immunity. It prevents any kind of diseases and infections. 

Eating bellam reduces many problems that women face during menstruation. Because eating jaggery releases endorphins. It is the happy hormone. Keeps body and mind active and cheerful. It is high in magnesium. Gives a lot of strength to the intestines. Jaggery has the property of cooling the body. It is also very good for those with high BP problem.

More can be said about milk. Milk is one of the most nutritious foods for children. Milk is essential for teeth and bone strength. It contains phosphorus and vitamin D. 

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