Survey Report: 66 percent of Indian pilots are like that! Interesting facts revealed in the latest survey!

Gurugram based NGO ‘Safety Matters Foundation’ A recent survey was conducted on Indian pilots. Conducted a survey on how pilots are in general air travel and collected many statistics. Many interesting and surprising things have come to light. It has been found that most of the Indian pilots going to regional and domestic destinations are sleeping in the cockpit without permission or without informing the crew. That is, they are going to sleep within 4 hours after the plane takes off.  

Why do pilots sleep?

The Safety Matters Foundation conducted this survey on around 542 Indian pilots.  It has been found that 66 percent of them fall asleep in the middle of the flight. It revealed that 54 percent of pilots suffer from daytime sleepiness.   41 percent said that they suffer from moderate daytime sleepiness. It was revealed that 74 percent of people leave in the morning and are very tired with consecutive flights. It is said that due to flying for 168 hours without a day off in a week, alternate duty day and night, many problems arise in the sleep of pilots.  NTO is of the view that this is not only an aviation safety issue but also a health issue for pilots. Does it?

Several health problems have been shown to be caused by poor sleep. Normal sleep patterns are revealed to be completely turned upside down. It has been shown to have a profound effect on the circadian rhythm. This survey revealed that sometimes it can lead to sleep disorders. Moreover.. many health problems are coming due to lack of sleep. Pilots include  irritability, anxiety, hunger pangs, sugar cravings,  High calorie intake,  The survey showed that problems like depression and alcohol use are occurring. Doctors recommend seven to eight hours of sleep a day to prevent sleep-related health problems.

Many diseases associated with sleep deprivation

The circadian rhythm follows a 24-hour cycle. Physiological, behavioral and health changes arise. Insulin sensitivity, blood sugar levels and blood pressure are affected when the body class is not working properly. It also contributes to the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. The latest survey by Safety Matters Foundation has revealed that this effect is more common among people working in the IT industry. Airlines have also been recommended to take proper precautions regarding the health of pilots. Otherwise, she warned that there is a possibility of facing problems in the future.

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