Sunrise Fact: If the sun is in one place, why does it rise first in Japan? The reason behind this is special


Sunrise Fact : Everyone loves to see the picturesque view of the rising sun. It is also said that if you want to start the day well, you should wake up early in the morning and watch the sunrise. This makes the whole day better. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. But, in reality, the sun remains fixed in its own place and the earth revolves around it. Along with the rotation of the sun, the earth also rotates around itself. This causes day and night.

Which is the place on earth where the sun first appears?

We’ve all seen the sun rise and set, but do you know where the rising sun first appears? Which is the place on earth where the sun first appears? The answers to these questions are very interesting, it will be amazing and informative for you to know. 

Why does the sun rise first in Japan?
Japan used to be considered the land of the sunrise, but since all countries have adopted GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), the honor has since passed to New Zealand. New Zealand time is GMT+13, while Japan time is GMT+9. When it’s 6am in New Zealand, it’s 2am in Japan. Also, when New Year comes, New Year is celebrated first in New Zealand. According to this new time zone, the sun rises in New Zealand first in the world.

Why is Japan called the land of the rising sun?
Now the question is, if the sun does not rise first in Japan, then why is it called the land of the sunrise? This country is called Nihon (Nippon) in Japanese. The words Nihon and Japan come from the same word, meaning literally "where the sun rises" It happens. Italian merchant and traveler Marco Polo introduced Japan to the Western world in the 13th century. He never actually went to Japan, but instead went to southern China. There people told him about Japan. For the people of southern China, Japan is located in the direction where the sun rises. Therefore, people called him Ji-pang or Zhu-pang, which translates as "The origin of the sun" Can also be done as, meaning the place where the sun rises.

Japanese "Flag of the Rising Sun"

The national flag of Japan "Flag of the Rising Sun" is called At the beginning of the 7th century, the Japanese flag with the sun in the center was used for the first time. However, it is said that the colors of the flag at that time were different from the colors of today. The flag at that time had a yellow sun and a red background. This flag was used on ships to indicate one’s nationality. Apart from this, it was used in many other places.

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