Sun Colour: This is the actual ‘colour’ of the Sun – yellow, orange is a mistake: NASA

Sun.. is the most important star in the solar family. The origin of the solar system. It is the lifeblood of all life on earth. It can be said that this life on earth continues from the source of the sun. No one needs to doubt that. But one important thing came out regarding the sun. Sun appears to us in  yellow color. Even the space researchers believed the same thing. However, NASA astronaut Skal Kelly has revealed that the original color of the Sun is not yellow. He confirmed on Twitter that the sun is white. He concluded that the opinion of the people about the color of the sun is not true.

You can only see it from space!

Kelly revealed that if you look at the sun from the earth, it will appear yellow. However, it is said that the true color of the sun can be seen only when viewed from space. He said that people see yellow color because of the atmosphere above the earth. He said that after coming out of the earth’s atmosphere, it will look white instead of yellow.

I can confirm this space fact.

— Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly) September 12, 2022

 Why does the sun appear yellow?

NASA Reveals Why People Can’t Actually Recognize The Sun’s True Color When the light from the sun hits the eyes, the photoreceptor cells in the eyes perceive the color. This reveals that all the colors are mixed. Hence it is said that it is not possible to determine the original color of the sun. It has been revealed that the atmosphere on the earth has an effect on the color of the sun.

The ozone layer in the stratosphere in the atmosphere absorbs UV and gamma rays before they reach the earth.  infra red rays are also absorbed by water vapor in the atmosphere. It has been announced that the atmosphere will make the original light of the sun invisible.  The human  brain also allows the eyes to perceive only colors with less blue and yellow. NASA revealed that people cannot recognize the original color of the sun. 

That is why even though the sun is white, we see it as yellow, Kelly revealed. It is said that Sun is a small star compared to many stars in the universe. Many stars several thousand times larger than the Sun exist in the Milky Way and other galaxies, Kelly said.  

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