Sperm Count: Fertility Problems With Cell Phones – Guys Are You Taking This Risk?

Sperm Count: Fertility Problems With Cell Phones – Guys Are You Taking This Risk?

These days nothing can be done without a phone. Mobile phone which was once only used for communication is now. It is used in all kinds of ways from entertainment to employment. This is a situation where no one can leave their phones. In other words, today’s generation spends more time watching smart phones than watching TV. They are doing time pass with reels and shorts. Now everyone is busy with two phones. Some studies have already warned that these phones can cause damage to every part from eyesight to brain. Recently, another study has linked it to masculinity. It has warned that the sperm count in men’s semen is greatly reduced due to phones. As a result, there are chances of fertility problems among them. In a study conducted by Swiss researchers, men who used their phones more than 20 times a day found a difference in sperm count between men who used their phones once or less a week. It was observed that sperm count was lower in those who used phones more than 20 times compared to those who used phones less. The reason for this is believed to be the microwaves emitted by mobile phones. However, it has been revealed that more research is needed to accurately assess this matter. 

Professor Serge Neff from the University of Geneva told an international media organization.. ‘‘mobile phone‌ Is it due to microwaves emitted from? What effect do they have, directly or indirectly? Whether they increase the temperature of the testicles and regulate the hormones needed for sperm production remains to be seen. He said. 

Save the future with these precautions

Already due to pollution, food habits, etc., fertility problems among men are increasing. Many are struggling for children. Children are born through IVF procedures after spending lakhs of rupees. In this background, it is necessary for men to take this study seriously. 

Usually men keep their mobile phones in their bottom pockets. Because of that, the heat generated from the battery can also touch the parts. Also, the power to release mobile signals is also around that area. So, guys.. From this time it is better to keep phones in any bag instead of lower pockets. Also, it is best to reduce its use. 

Sperm count dropped to 50 percent worldwide?

Once upon a time our grandparents, their grandparents. . But, others are facing many problems to find someone. If scientists conduct various researches to find out why this situation occurs, it has been found that use of plastic, obesity, pollution, lack of exercise and food habits are the culprits. But, the exact reason could not be known. Another bad thing is..  Statistics show that sperm count has decreased by 50 percent in men worldwide in the last 50 years. In the latest study, between 2005 and 2018, 2,886 young people between the ages of 18 and 22 were investigated. Even in these five years, we will get more evidence. Because.. Mobile usage has doubled in these five years. So, guys.. why is it good.. Jara Bhadram. 

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