Snoring: Don’t neglect it – this sleeping killer can lead to stroke and heart attack!

Snoring: Don’t neglect it – this sleeping killer can lead to stroke and heart attack!

Snoring.. Hearing this name scares the people who sleep next to them than the snorers. Because snorers think they are sleeping soundly because they don’t know it. But they do not realize that they are depriving the sleep of those sleeping next to them. It is thought to be a small problem but actually it is big enough to take lives. One in five people suffer from sleep apnea, which is a snoring condition. Snoring is the repeated cessation of breathing during sleep. About 85 percent of people don’t even know about it. If left untreated, the risk of heart disease increases by 30 percent. Doctors warn that the risk of stroke is 60 percent higher.

Experts at The Better Sleep Clinic say that some people stop breathing 60 times an hour while sleeping. snoring by those sleeping next to them will know their condition. This condition is more likely to occur during the day when one is very tired. Chronic sleep apnea increases the risk of coronary heart disease, depression, stroke, and heart failure by 140 percent. It can also lead to type 2 diabetes. Some people may develop dementia earlier. People who drive a car are more prone to accidents if they have this problem.

The airway is naturally narrowed while sleeping. In some people it affects airflow. It causes the soft tissues to vibrate and cause snoring. Airflow is restricted in the condition of sleep apnea. Or at times the airway becomes completely blocked. Problems like obesity, alcohol consumption, smoking and hypothyroidism further increase this risk. This condition is common in men. The risk increases slightly with age. Signs of sleep apnea include loud snoring, dry mouth, and waking up with a headache in the morning.

How to reduce snoring?

More couples come to us with problems with snoring. Doctors say. Cases of divorce due to snoring are being recorded when the situation is out of hand. CPAP treatment is given to alleviate such condition. A machine is used to treat victims. A tube-like device is placed in the nose to provide air pressure for smooth breathing while sleeping. It gives a peaceful sleep without snoring. A watch-like device, a finger probe, and a snoring box with a chest pad were used to record their sounds. Some say their partner’s snoring sounds like a washing machine or a train. He said that they were treated by this CPAP machine.

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