SMA: Why does SMA, this rare disease occur in children?

SMA: Why does SMA, this rare disease occur in children?

Spinal muscular atrophy … this is called SMA in short cut‌. Many children in the country are affected by this rare disease. Its treatment is very expensive. There is no treatment for this in our country. The injection needed for this is being made in America. Its cost ranges from 16 to 18 crores. That’s why the parents of children affected by this disease keep collecting donations and seeking government help. Many children died at a very young age without receiving this injection. Governments have helped some people. And some people bought this injection with the money received through donation collection. However, the injection is not available to everyone. Because it is only made in America. 

Many children are having trouble moving their legs and arms even after reaching the age of two years. They can neither sit nor stand. It is caused by a genetic disease. It is a disease of spinal muscles. In children with this disease, the nerves and muscles do not help children to walk. That is why they are weak. There are four types of this disease. Known as Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4 SMA.  Type 1 occurs in babies under six months of age. They should be injected immediately. Otherwise there will be no life. Type 2 occurs in children between the ages of seven months and 18 months. They cannot walk. But can sit. They are likely to live into their teenage years. And type 3 is seen in children after one and a half years. They do not show any symptoms until their teenage years. After that they fall on the bed. Type 4 occurs in adults. It makes the muscles weak. But nothing fatal. It is fatal only in children. Children infected with this disease cannot breathe. Can’t eat food. Can’t hold the neck.

In order to treat them, an injection worth 16 crore rupees has to be given. It is manufactured by Novartis in America. A lot of tax has to be paid to bring this foreign medicine to our country. To bring the injection to our country, it will cost almost a few crores of rupees. That is why it is known as an expensive medicine. 

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