Sleeping Position: Is it a habit to sleep like a slob? You must know these shocking facts

DimIf you lie down with your face down, you feel like you want to fall asleep. Many of us have a habit of sleeping rough. But if there is a little benefit from sleeping like this, it will be more harmful. Experts revealed that sleeping on the stomach can cause many health problems. Sleeping like this can cause back, neck and shoulder pain. Especially pregnant women should not lie down with pressure on the stomach. It is not really good for the baby in the womb. Sleeping like this can have harmful effects.

What happens if you sleep on your stomach?

There are some benefits of sleeping on your stomach. Due to pressure in the back and neck, one can sleep well at night. But sleeping like this can cause pain. Because when we lie down, we sleep with our face to one side. Sometimes necks get pain due to twisting and turning. These pains can sometimes turn into chronic health problems. Sleeping like this causes trouble on the spine. Our entire body sinks into the mattress. It causes stress on the spine. After waking up, the pain in the palate appears. Not only this, it also increases the risk of neck and shoulder pain. Neck pain is caused by turning the neck back and forth to breathe while lying down.

Wrinkles may also appear on the face

When we press our face into the pillow only on one side, the skin stretches. Due to this, the face becomes wrinkled and troublesome. However, sleeping on the stomach can also reduce the risk of snoring and sleep apnea. Since the stomach does not grow much in the first trimester, it is not a problem to sleep once, but the stomach grows a little over the months. At that time, it feels very uncomfortable to lie down and sleep. It also causes insomnia problems. Lack of sleep during pregnancy can lead to premature birth and postnatal complications. That is why doctors suggest that pregnant women must sleep on their left side. By doing that, it is said that the baby in the womb can breathe. Sleeping in that position relieves pressure on the veins that carry blood from the legs to the heart along with the liver. It also improves the blood flow to the fetus, uterus and kidneys.

Sleep on your stomach

To stay healthy, it is best to sleep on your stomach. By doing this, back pain can be controlled. Prevents wrinkles on the skin. But sleeping on your back also has its problems. Snoring increases the risk of sleep apnea. That’s why the sleeping position should be changed to the left.

How to get out of the habit?

You need to make small changes to sleep on your back instead of a bore. Place long pillows or heavy blankets next to you. They stop you when you feel like lying down and turning around. If you can’t get rid of that habit no matter how hard you try, you should use thin pillows. It puts less pressure on the neck. Sleeping without a pillow is also good.

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