Sleeping: Does sleeping time change daily? Heart disease may occur

Sleeping: Does sleeping time change daily?  Heart disease may occur

Many of usdo not sleep on time at night. They go to bed at different times each day. But it is not really good for health. Delaying sleep by 90 minutes at night can damage blood vessel cells. It affects your heart the most. In this regard, a recent study has once again proven that poor sleep increases the risk of heart disease. Chronic lack of sleep can cause heart disease. A new study by Columbia University was published in the journal Scientific Reports. They analyzed what happens in the body due to long periods of mild sleep deprivation.

What is it..

The study lasted for twelve weeks. Researchers screened nearly a thousand women for the study. 35 healthy women who normally sleep seven to eight hours per night participated in this study. For six weeks the women slept according to their normal routine. The remaining six weeks went to bed 1.5 hours later than usual. Participants were fitted with a sleep tracker on their wrists. Sleeping for seven to eight hours reduces many health problems in the body. But people who slept late for an hour and a half faced difficulties. It aggravated their cardiovascular risk.

Not getting enough sleep can cause oxidant damage to the cells that line blood vessels. Unlike well-rested cells, sleep-deprived cells slow down. According to the researchers who chaired the study, mild sleep disorders can lead to heart disease.

Does lack of sleep cause dementia?

According to experts, at least eight hours of sleep is necessary to stay healthy. Sleeping less than this can lead to problems like forgetfulness, depression, weight gain, high blood pressure. Sleep apnea, jet lag, restless legs syndrome can be caused by many reasons. Insomnia is common in people with depression, schizophrenia, chronic pain syndrome. To get out of this, the mind should be kept as calm as possible. Food items that improve sleep quality should be taken.

Stress should be kept under control. For that it is good to do meditation and yoga. Do not eat late at night. It is better to choose a light meal without overeating. Make sure that you sleep at least two to three hours after eating. By following all these precautions, the quality of sleep can be improved.

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