Sleeping: Do you have such dreams? As if you are at risk of that disease!

The body needs food and sleep. If either of these is not correct, the consequences are dire. Sleep is essential for weight management, blood circulation, blood sugar, cholesterol control. Most of us usually have dreams while falling asleep. Experts say that dreams like this are also good for health.  A new study has revealed that even our dreams are signs of dementia.

(What is dementia?:Dementia is not a specific disease. Problems like lack of proper thinking and confusion in making decisions are termed as dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is also a part of dementia. Dementia is mostly seen in the elderly. /strong>

How are sleep habits linked to dementia risk?

Experts from Sweden and China looked at sleep duration in some elderly people. They found that it was linked to the risk of dementia. They affect brain function, memory, problem solving ability, etc. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the common forms of dementia. This causes forgetfulness. Memory slows down.

What is this study?

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, people who sleep more than eight hours have a 69 percent risk of dementia. It was found to be more. The odds are twice as high among those who go to bed before 9pm compared to those who go to bed at 10pm or later. About 2,000 people were monitored for four years for this study. Sleep habits and dementia in women and men observed. They did not suggest why early or long bedtimes are associated with dementia.

How do dreams indicate dementia risk?

Medical experts believe that people who experience frequent nightmares are more likely to have dementia. Determined. Experts at the University of Birmingham revealed that nightmares were more frequent for decades before Alzheimer’s. 35-64 year olds are four times more likely to experience weekly nightmares. Dr Abidemi of the University of Birmingham‌Ham Center for Human Brain Health‌, who conducted the new research, said the risk indicators for dementia are very low, even in middle age.

Alzheimer’s is a neurological disease caused by the death of cells in the brain related disease. Memory and thinking ability are affected in those who are affected by it. After contracting the disease, things like forgetting things that happened a few hours ago and forgetting anything that was said happen. As the disease progresses, complete memory loss is possible. Eventually he reaches a condition where he is unable to do his daily tasks. 

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