Sleep For Health : Lack of sleep may increase risk of heart disease; Know the opinion of experts


Health Tips : It has been proven in many studies that lack of sleep weakens our immune system and causes weakness. Chronically poor sleep damages immune system stem cells, leading to increased inflammatory disorders and cardiovascular disease. A study conducted by the director of the Cardiovascular Research Institute of New York, the research states that there is a link between poor sleep and poor health. It is not good for the heart and especially a healthy heart. 

8 hours of sleep is essential for a healthy heart 

The director of the Cardiovascular Research Institute in New York took a sample of healthy volunteers for the study. People who slept less than an hour and a half a day for 6 weeks. which revealed that chronic lack of sleep led to differences in stem cells and those white blood cells that lead to inflammation.

A study done on 35 year olds

During this research, some 35-year-olds were asked to sleep 8 hours a day for the first 6 weeks, and then their blood samples were taken and data on immune cells was extracted. After this, their sleep was reduced to 90 minutes per day for 6 weeks, and after taking blood samples and extracting data on immune cells, they had less healthy cells.

Lack of sleep dangerous for heart 

This study says that less sleep can increase inflammation. During this study, people who slept less had increased immune cells in their blood, which increases inflammation. A little inflammation is necessary to prevent infection, injury or minor disease in the body, but if it is too much it can be dangerous. Especially if inflammation is persistent and high, it can lead to diseases like heart disease or Alzheimer’s. What’s more, less sleep caused a slight change in the stem cells that produce healthy immune cells. However, after a full sleep, the immune cells can return to the same number as before.

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