Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry: These are the last two songs written by Sirivennela … that song in RRR …

Another tragedy in Telugu cinema … The news of the death of famous choreographer Shivashankar Master has left the world of Sirivennela before it is even forgotten. With this, Tollywood sank into tragedy. Kims was admitted to the hospital in Hyderabad on November 24 due to Sirivenne’s illness. Died on the evening of November 30 of distressed health condition. Fans are now discussing the songs that were finally cast from his pen. & Nbsp;

The last song is the same … Wrote two songs. Those two songs are yet to be released. Fans are also looking forward to learning about that patalanto. The last of the released songs was & rsquo; Uliki Vilukadiki & rsquo; from the RRR movie. Dosti song that starts. The song was a hit before the film’s release. Dosti Song is all about friendship. The song was sung by Hemachandra. Every word in the song is meant to enhance the value of the Telugu song. & Nbsp; Dosti Dosti Dosti Dosti for Ravi Megha Gives or takes Dandar Dandar Dum Dum
Dandar Dum Dum Dandam

Badabagniki Jadivanaki Dosti

Snow-capped hug to the flames This friendship

Dandar Dandara Dandam Dum
Dand Dand Dum Dum
Dand Dum Dand Dand

Unexpected wind gust < / strong>
Erased two distance
Will it be like this anymore
vairame kurimay

nadichedi okate darai
vetikedi matram verai
tegipoda edo kshana snehame drohamai strong>
hurry up and settle down
surge run
not known in advance
The wrong turn that comes
Unexpected movie freak
Reach out to a friend
Travels to life >

Dandar Dandar Dum Dum
Dara Dandar Dandar Dum Dum
Dandar Dandar Dum Dum strong>
Dandara Dum Dandam

Badabagniki Jadivanaki Dosti
Vidhirataki Eduritaki Dosti
Snow-capped hug to Penujwala This friendship br /> Dandar Dandar Dum Dum
Dandar Dum Dum Dandam

Badabagna Ki Jadivanaki Dosti
Vidhirataki Eduritaki Dosti
Penujwalaki Ivanagamicina Kugili Ei Dosti

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