Should Your Teens Get Acne? But do this

Should Your Teens Get Acne?  But do this

The problem of acne, though it sounds minor, is very annoying. Especially when children start entering their teens, these pimples start to appear. Most children start between the ages of 8 and 18. They are formed on the top layer of the skin. It can be said that hormonal imbalance is the reason for these in teenagers. There is a lot of mental stress in teenage children at that age. It causes hormonal imbalance. It is the main cause of acne. Also, as the age increases, the body undergoes changes. At this time, the skin produces more sebum even though it is a natural oil. This sebum clogs the skin pores. Due to this, pimples are formed in excess. Parents should take some precautions to prevent pimples in teenage children. If you do three things in particular, the chances of getting pimples will be reduced to a great extent. They don’t know how to reduce stress. Parents should take that responsibility. They need to understand the things that stress them and help them in those things. Phones and TVs should be switched off one hour before going to sleep. These also increase the unknown stress in them.

Children get stressed due to exams and studies. They cannot release that pressure. Sitting and reading for long hours can increase the stress. So make sure to do things like play and exercise for an hour to an hour and a half a day. Cycling and yoga increase the body’s activity. It also has a good effect on the skin. This reduces the chance of acne.

Some types of food should be avoided. These not only spoil the health of the skin but also increase the chances of acne breakouts. Avoid excessive consumption of cool drinks, biscuits, energy drinks, chips, especially sweets. If you don’t eat them, chances of getting pimples will be less. They should be given fruits and fresh vegetables. They are rich in carotene. It also contains vitamin A. Feeding dry fruits, pumpkin seeds and green vegetables can keep their skin healthy.

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