Shocking: What the heck is this … How to get fired for being fat? Within two hours of its arrival ….

Hamish Griffin is from Australia. He has a wife and a son. He traveled 3,200 kilometers with his family to Tasmania to find work in his hometown. Got a new job at a holiday resort company. The entire interview process took place online. Hamish arrived in Tasmania after receiving an offer letter mail. The first day I got a job and worked for a couple of hours. The company says it will fire him sooner rather than later. Shocked, Hamish asked why. The company was shocked to hear the answer given by the owners. & lsquo; You are too fat. Looks like things can’t be done. Can’t you even do that with the sofa? & Rsquo; & nbsp; I was devastated to hear their answer. He shared his feelings on Facebook. That post went viral. & Nbsp;

In that post & lsquo; I was not given a chance to prove I could work. But they decided that I could not do things, that I could not climb a ladder, that I could not push a lawn mower, that I was fat. I was told I was being fired for any possible injuries while working. I do not agree with them. Because I & rsquo; ve been the manager of a park in Queensland for eight years. He wrote. As well as describing his family situation. & lsquo; I know there are many people in a worse financial situation than I am, but we are now homeless. I have a little kid who goes to school. I can not send him to school this year. & nbsp; I think this job is a bad dream. In fact it was a very sad event & rsquo; Explained. He denies showing obesity as an unhealthy medical condition.

However, Hamish took the matter to court. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. & nbsp; It remains to be seen whether Hamish will win the fight. He also sold his home in Queensland before coming to Tasmania for a new job. Hamish says it still hurts. & Nbsp;

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