Shani Effect In Zodiac Signs: Shani Enters Capricorn Sign, Diwali Comes Earlier For These Signs

Shani Effect In Zodiac Signs: Shani Enters Capricorn Sign, Diwali Comes Earlier For These Signs

Sh‌Nishva&zwnjru is a very important planet in astrology. It can determine the auspicious period of people or situations that show the Sha Nishwa Rudi. Saturn is known as Mandudu. He moves very slowly and normally the Neeshwa takes two years of samva tsa to move from one sign to another.

Neeswa. He is currently in retrograde in his own sign, Aquarius. Now on October 23rd at four hours and nineteen minutes in the morning, he will return to Ma Ra Rasi. On that day there was also a warrior. Arriving in M‌ka‌ra‌rashi‌ppa‌tiki Sha&zwnj travels in V‌kra&zwnj path. Due to this, some people will get inauspicious results. Some other zodiac signs will get good results. Saturn will be in this sign till January 2023. After that he goes back to Aquarius. During this period, the Sun is placed in the Rasi and some of the signs have beneficial indications. This Diwali festival will bring rain to those zodiac signs.  Let’s find out what those zodiac signs are!

Aries sign

According to astrology, Saturn is entering Makarashi in a crooked way, so there are good results for this sign. Presently Shani is in 10th house for this sign. That is good. Hence this time is very good for this zodiac sign. Married life continues happily. Moreover, it is an auspicious time for those who want to start new businesses. But there are indications that the money will be spent a little too much. But that expenditure is used only for good things. It will bring future profits. There are also chances of promotion in the job. You will get sudden financial gain. You will get respect inside and outside.


This Shanigraha transit will bring profit for Libra. As always  All the works are likely to be completed on time. Even if there is a lot of effort in the works, they will be completed. All the financial problems that have existed since time will be solved.  Financial matters all come to an end. There are indications that the debts will be cleared. It gives you peace of mind. There will be happiness in the family.

Sagittarius sign

Saturn entering Capricorn sign will bring good luck to those born in Sagittarius. It will rain.  This sign will be beneficial for them till January. Unexpected profits will come. Income will increase. It will strengthen the financial situation. Undue dues will be collected. Employees get promotions. Job opportunities are good for the unemployed. There will be happiness in the house. Singles are likely to get married. Reputations will increase in the society.

Meena Rasi

Saturn moving into Capricorn will make this sign achieve overwhelming success. There are chances of getting higher position in the job. They get respect and courtesy in the society. Spend time with mental happiness. Economically beneficial. The profession is suitable as a job. Auspicious time for businessmen.

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