Sesame Oil: Eating dishes cooked with sesame oil is beneficial for men

Many people think that cooking with castor oil does not taste good. Also the smell is slightly different. If you stop eating for taste and smell, you will lose a lot. Especially men. In fact, if you eat dishes cooked in sesame oil for two days, you will get used to it quickly. Buy organic sesame oil that is extracted by grinding sesame seeds anywhere and bring it home. It is good for men to add at least one spoon of sesame oil to their food. Sperm cells grow. If the sperm count decreases, fertility decreases. It also increases the quality of sperm. It is essential for the child to be born with healthy DNA. 

Not only for them…
Sesame oil is very beneficial not only for men but also for women. Makes menstruation on time. Not only that, it reduces the problems that arise at that time. Moreover, it prevents skin diseases and rheumatism. Nutrients in sesame oil are also beneficial in improving eyesight. Makes women’s hair healthy and shiny. Feeding children food cooked with sesame oil will make their body nutritious. This oil is rich in vitamin E. So feeding sesame oil dishes to little girls is very good. This oil contains nutrients like copper, zinc, iron, magnesium. 

Not only for Diparadhan…
Many people use sesame oil only for Diparadhan. Very few people use it for cooking. Sesame oil is used in Ayurvedic medicines and cosmetics. Applying this oil on the scalp is good. Reduces white hair. If applied to the same body, skin diseases will not occur. 

After giving birth, babies are fed dishes cooked with sesame oil. This allows strong nutrients to reach the baby through breast milk. Not only will the baby’s neck stand up quickly, but the growth will also be good. That is why after giving birth, they are fed only dishes cooked with sesame oil for about four months.

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