Saudi Abu Abdullah: Unfortunately, he married 53 people, but that’s not enough!

Many people think that marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. But now times have changed. Methods and customs are changing from time to time. Many people have different opinions about marriage. If you like, you should be together. Or they are moving forward with the concept of separating and living happily. Divorced and single people, whether they have children or not, are remarrying if they find someone they like. Nitya bridegroom and Nitya bride are in the news. Now we are going to know about such a person. This great man married 53 people in 43 years, not one or two. Sometimes a year  There are also cases of two or three marriages. Why did you do all the marriages? When asked.. an unexpected answer came from him. 

The name of this man who had 53 marriages was Abu Abdullah. Aged 63 years. It was in Saudi Arabia. Abdullah got married for the first time in his 20s. He was very happy with his wife for two years. After that, small fights started between the two. He divorced his first wife at the age of 23. After that he married another girl. with her  He could not stay together for long. He divorced himself and got married for the third time. So Betti became famous all over the world by getting married 53 times in 43 years. But why are you doing all the weddings? Why are you getting divorced? If someone asks… do you know what he said? But, he is getting married for peace of mind. But, no matter who he marries, he does not get it, so he marries repeatedly and tries to stay with a wife who gives him peace of mind. Abdullah revealed that he did not find peace of mind with any of the 53 people he married. 

Saudi people have given rare recognition to this great man who has been married for more than half a century. He was given the title of polygamist of the century. In fact, Abdullah says that it annoys him when his wives fight. He revealed that he said talaq because they could not bear to fight. “I am actually looking for a wife who will make me happy and keep peace of mind at home. I got divorced the day after I got married. So far I have married a foreign woman. I hired her to take care of my business affairs and my welfare abroad. Out of these 53 people I did not find peace of mind with any of them. I am still looking to find a good wife” said Abdullah.

Netizens are expressing various opinions on Abdullah’s marriages on social media. They say that instead of marrying so many people for peace of mind, it is better to be single. Some netizens are commenting that his big mistake is to think that peace of mind will come with real wives.

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