Salt: Do you know how dangerous it is to avoid salt in food completely?

Salt: Do you know how dangerous it is to avoid salt in food completely?

Boney Kapoor… shared some things about Sridevi’s death. It is said that she was eating very little salt due to which she faced many health problems. Also explained that she fell down many times with LoBP due to cutting down too much salt. By this everyone will understand how important it is to eat salt. Eating less salt is good, but avoiding it completely is very unhealthy. No dish is complete without salt. No taste either. However, many people are giving up salt completely in their desire to be thin. Due to this, the BP decreases and falls down. Nutritionists say that there are many benefits of skipping salt like this.

Salt is one of the important nutrients that our body needs. If we eat enough salt in our body, muscle movements are good. The transmission of information is done well in the nerves. Metabolism is also good. Salt is sodium chloride. It contains 39% sodium and 61% chlorine. That is why sodium chloride is considered salt. When salt enters our body, it splits into sodium chloride ions. Sodium keeps the fluids in the cells under control without increasing or decreasing. Due to this, the nerves and muscles work well. If you stop eating salt, the pressure inside the cells will increase. Due to this, the balance of fluids in them is damaged. This causes excess water accumulation in the cells and swelling. The whole body looks swollen. If the condition worsens, the cells can rupture and become fatal. So it is necessary to take salt every day. But it is better if it is taken in moderation and not in excess.

Symptoms like dizziness and falling back of the eyes are seen if salt is reduced in the body. Sometimes it can even go into a coma. So do not stop eating salt. If not, how much to eat should be decided in moderation. According to the World Health Organization, our body needs two grams of sodium per day. In order to get two grams of sodium in our body, we need to eat five grams of salt a day. That is one tea spoon. But many eat two or three teaspoons of salt daily. Due to this they are affected by problems like high BP. High blood pressure also leads to heart disease. So one should be careful not to stop eating salt completely…or eat too much. It is better to eat not more than one spoon per day.

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