Salary Deposit: The employee’s salary was 43 thousand, 1.4 crore fell into the account – the company was shocked, but ..

We will depreciate HR even if it is less than one paise in salary. Let’s find out why it was reduced. But, what if you pay a higher salary by mistake? What if it is heavier than the salary you owe? Some report to HR immediately. Or if something went wrong, they think we’ll see until they ask back. However, he did not. 286 times more than the salary of Rs 43,000 due to him .. fell into his account. He was amazed to see such an amount. No matter how many years he worked as an ox .. he thought he could not earn that much .. no one did the unexpected. & Nbsp;

An employee from Chile had an unexpected fortune. As usual, the monthly salary of the person working in the Food Industrial Consortium should be credited to his account. As soon as the salary was deposited in his account .. a message came to his mobile. In fact he should have 500,000 pesos (Rs. 43,000) in his account. However, 165,398,851 Chilean pesos (Rs 1.42 crore) were deposited. At first he looked at those numbers and mistakenly thought it was the account number. He could not believe his eyes after checking the account details. The problem was caused by a mistake made by an employee of the Accounts Department.

The incident took place on May 30. As soon as he found out that more money than his salary had been deposited in the account, he contacted the company. He said he received 165.3 million pesos in addition to his salary. The account staff told him to repay the amount to the company account and to go to the bank immediately. He then went to the bank and said he would transfer the extra money to him. & Nbsp;

The man who went did not appear again. The staff watched as he put the money back into the company account. Hours, days .. Finally a month passed but there was no response from him. Refund notifications also did not arrive. However, on June 2, he joined the company with his lawyer. He gave his resignation and left. He has not been seen again since that day. The company is preparing to take legal action against him. Police are currently scouring for him. And, should we call him a Lucky Fellow? Like a cheater? It’s not his fault. That was a company mistake. But, without honestly repaying that amount, it is a crime to be absent. Also, see what punishment is imposed on him. & Nbsp;

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