Russian President Putin has Parkinson’s disease? That’s why the tremor? Asalenti disease, what causes it?

The Ukraine-Russia war made Putin look like another dictator to the world. Almost all the countries of China opposed his actions. At the same time, there were reports that Putin’s health was not good and he was suffering from stomach cancer. British intelligence also confirmed that it was almost true. But in some videos, the whole world noticed that he could not stand for a long time, his hands were shaking, he was taking help from the table or something nearby to stop the shaking. A British daily published an article on this. According to it, Putin is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. In one video, he was seen struggling to even reach a chair in his living room. 

What is Parkinson’s disease?
According to the world renowned Mayo Clinic  , Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disease. A chronic disease that affects parts of the body controlled by the system or nerves. Its symptoms do not disappear quickly. Start slowly. If it occurs, it becomes difficult to walk, sit, or hold anything with the hands. 

What are the symptoms?
The first symptom seen in everyone is tremors in the hands. Tremors that start small and get worse as the days go by. Immobility and griping in the hands are seen in the early stages. The patient’s face also changes. It becomes difficult for them to move their arms while walking. Speech becomes slurred. Because it is a neurological disease, symptoms change dramatically over time. 

Why does it happen?
According to the National Institute on Aging, Parkinson’s disease occurs when… Caused by weakening or dying of nerve cells in the ganglia. These nerve cells in particular produce an important brain chemical called dopamine.  According to the Cleveland Clinic, dopamine is a neurotransmitter made in your brain. It controls many functions in the body, including memory, movement, motivation, mood, and attention. Dopamine production decreases when neurons die or become weak. But medical scientists are unable to tell why neurons die like this. 

Is there a treatment?
There is still no proper treatment available for this. Medicines and sometimes surgery can provide some relief from symptoms. It saves the patient from suffering, pain and lethargy. The main treatment for this is ‘Levodopa’. Levodopa is used by nerve cells to replenish dopamine. Doctors also prescribe another drug called carbidopa.

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