Robot ‘Chitty’ is now in your form .. If you agree to this, you are worth Rs 2 crore!

The & lsquo; robot & rsquo; In the movie Rajinikanth .. Achcham makes a chitti (robot) with his similarities. Apart from the look, its gait and style are similar to those of Rajini. And do you want to see a robot with your similarities? Do you think that is possible? However, you need to know about the Promobot Company. Do you know what is another thing that catches the eye? If you give permission to put your face on those robots .. that company will pay Rs 2 crore. Believe it or not?

Promobot company is making human faces with the latest technology. Fitting them to the robots belonging to that company. However, they want faces that look friendly. On this occasion the company came up with a knife-like idea. Selecting faces that look pleasant .. Making faces for robots with 3D prints of their faces. The company has announced that it will pay a lump sum of Rs 2.10 crore to anyone who gives the company the right to put their appearance on the robots.

If men and women send their photos and videos to them .. they will choose the face they like. Then they use the latest 3D printing technology to make a synthetic face that resembles human skin. Promobot aims to roll out these robots by 2023 in hotels, airports and shopping malls in North America and the Middle East. These robots are not just human beings. They also have Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition, Speech, and Autonomous Navigation. & Nbsp;

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According to the details mentioned on their website Promobot .. & lsquo; & lsquo; Since 2019, we have been supplying humanoid robots to the markets. In this context, our new clients want robots that resemble real people. Applications are invited to avoid legal issues. The selected person should take the external appearance, their face, body 3D model. Then copy their voice .. 100 hours of speech & zwnj; We will enter the material. The robot must then be prepared to communicate with customers. The applicant selected for this project must sign an agreement stating that he / she has no objection to the use of his / her form by & rsquo; & rsquo; That said. And do you want to look your best on a robot? However, contact their website immediately. & Nbsp;

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