Road Safety add: Akshay Kumar’s ‘Road Safety’ ad in controversy, criticized as promoting dowry!

A commercial designed to educate people about road safety has now become controversial. Bollywood‌ Top actor Akshay‌ Kumar‌ Criticisms are pouring in that this ad is promoting dowry. Recently famous businessman Cyrus‌ Mistry died in a road accident. In this background, a car with two air bags is not that safe.. six air‌ This ad has been screened with the intention that the vehicle with bags will be safe. Union Minister of Road Transport and National Highways Nitin‌ Gadkari shared this video through his Twitter.

So what is in the ad?

After marriage, the bride sits in the car to go to her in-laws. However.. She tears up looking at her parents in the pain of leaving them. Then Akshay Kumar, who was next to the bride’s father. Can you stop crying? He asks. The father of the bride.. What happened to that car? He says that it is an automatic car, has a sun roof and also has a music system.  But Akshay says that there are only two airbags. On hearing that, the bride and groom immediately get down from the car. As soon as Akshay says that the car with six airbags is safe, a car comes from behind. There are 6 air bags in that car. Soon the new couple gets into that car and goes happily.

Make life safe by traveling with 6 airbags.#र्ष्ट्रिया_सडाक_सुरूक्ष_2022#National_Road_Safety_2022 @akshaykumar

— Nitin Gadkari (@nitin_gadkari) September 9, 2022

What is the real controversy?

6 air‌ Nitin Gadkari’s ad posted that bags should be It has gone viral on social media. Many politicians are taking a serious dig at this video ad. The commercial is said to promote the dowry system. In fact, nowhere in this ad is there any mention of dowry. But they are criticizing it for giving such impression. 

Criticism of political leaders  

Shiv Sena leader Priyanka said that such statements are not good. Chaturvedi said.   Does the government spend money on promoting car safety? Or is the dowry culture propagated by this advertisement?’ she asked. And Trinamool Congress National Spokesperson Saket Gokhale also severely criticized this ad. The fact that the Indian government is officially promoting dowry has been criticized as disgusting. 

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