Rishabh Shetty’s shoulder dislocated in ‘Kantara’, shooting with that pain – what to do when this problem occurs?

This year’s biggest blockbuster hit movie is ‘Kantara’. During the shooting of this film, director and actor Rishabh Shetty’s two shoulder joints were dislocated. However, Rishabh says that he completed the climax action sequence after suffering a lot. Capturing 360 degree shots with ‘rain effects’ is a difficult task. Moreover, it is very difficult to bring water to that location. So we asked the villagers for permission to take water from the well there. The shoot was done for about 7 days. We have used the water there’’ Reshab Shetty said. Rishabh Shetty had a shoulder problem while doing action scenes. A shoulder dislocated during a one shot shoot. Later, in another shot, the second shoulder was also dislocated, he said. However, the shoot needed to continue.. He said that he completed the entire action sequence in pain.

‘dis locate’ What does that mean?

A hinge has two parts. One is a cup-like socket structure, while the other is a ball-like part of another bone embedded in it. The two join together to form a hinge. In this way, the cup-like bone part has another ball-like bone part involved. The shoulder joint is the most mobile bone in the body. Moreover, the risk of it being dislocated is also very high. Once this has happened, it can happen again. Sometimes when this is dislocated the deformity is visible outwardly. Swelling in the shoulder, muscle stiffness, excruciating pain, almost impossible to move the joint. Some degree of touch may be absent in this part.

Why does it happen?

The shoulder joint is able to move in all directions. So it dis-locates a little easier. All the ligaments and muscles connected to the bones are injured. The ball-like structure in the joint may come out of the bowl-like structure when the arm is rotated too rapidly from near the shoulder. When the problem is partial, the lower arm bone moves slightly out of the socket of the upper arm bone.

Athletes use the arm very aggressively while playing sports. Joints may get injured and sometimes dislocated at such a time. Falling into accidents can also lead to this problem. As young people usually do vigorous work, there is a risk of dislocating the shoulder joint in such cases. Actually this can happen to anyone. But young people mostly do hard work and play games. So this problem is seen more in them.

What complications can occur?

When the muscles and ligaments that strengthen the shoulder joint are dislocated, there is a risk of permanent injury. If this happens repeatedly, surgery may be necessary. Blood vessels in and around the shoulder joint may also be damaged. If this happens the pain can be so great that it completely immobilizes the joint. If the dislocated injury is severe, it is likely to recur. Injured ligaments can damage their surrounding nerves and blood vessels. Surgery may be required to correct these. Experts suggest that those who do such vigorous activities and athletes must wear protective gear. Experts advise not to shake and pull the arms and shoulders strongly.

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