Rice Balls: Make rice balls like this with the remaining rice, the taste will be overwhelming

Rice Balls: Make rice balls like this with the remaining rice, the taste will be overwhelming

It is natural to have leftover rice in every home. Many people make lemon rice and eat it without throwing away the leftover rice. Not only that, the tasty rice balls are even better when cooked. Kids will definitely love these. These can be eaten not only as morning breakfast but also as evening snacks.

Rice – one cup
Grated coconut – half cup
Rice flour – half cup
Onion – one
< Ginger garlic paste - one spoon Green chillies - two Salt - to taste Oil - Sufficient for deep frying

Preparation like this
Add rice in a bowl and mash it. Add finely chopped onions, green chillies and grated coconut to it and mix well. Then add ginger garlic paste, salt and rice flour and mix well. Pour some water if needed. Roll them into small balls. Now put the kalai on the stove and add oil. After the oil gets hot, add the balls and fry them. Fry till they turn brown. Take these out and keep aside. They are tasty when eaten with ketchup. 

Those who are bored of eating rice can make rice balls like this and eat them. Compared to pizza and burgers, these are good snacks. Everything used in it is good for our health. So it is good if you do these frequently when there is left over rice. It is easy to blame. Add one cup of rava to the remaining rice and mix well. Also add fermented curd and mix well. Add enough salt to taste. Add a pinch of baking soda if you want it crispy. Add all these in a mixer and grind them finely. Put the mixture in a bowl. Now put the tin on the stove and put the pen. After it heats up, add oil and pour doshella with rice mixture. They come out very crispy. 

Try the above two recipes with leftover rice. Everyone will definitely like it. These two dishes are especially loved by children. Once fed they ask again and again. 

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