These are the rights of girls.

If girls have a safe environment, are well educated and have the opportunity to live a healthy life, they will be able to grow and direct as mothers, businessmen, housewives and political leaders. But, not all girls worldwide have access to it all. They are unable to enjoy many of their rights. Awemito, let’s see now.

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1. Right to life ..

The right to life of a girl child is not as respected as the right to life of a boy. In most countries the desire to give birth to a boy is greater than the desire to give birth to a girl. That is, most people prefer to have an abortion when they know the girl will be born. In some countries a girl or a boy does not even hesitate to kill a girl if she is born when she wants to be a boy if she does not know before.

2. Right to education ..

In most countries girls’ education has no priority. The girl is sent to school if there is no problem. No matter what small problem the source is getting the girl reading. If there are small children in the house, it is the responsibility of the older girls to look after them, who are the ones doing the housework

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3. The right to be healthy.

Many developing countries do not pay attention to the medical care and nutrition that should be given to girls. That is, they avoid health problems when they are very young. It can also be fatal if these problems are severe. Child marriages, and then these girls get caught up in problems like getting pregnant when they were little.


4. The right to be safe.

Worldwide, girls are being targeted for child marriage, unwanted pregnancies, child trafficking, and sexual assault. In fact, fifty percent of all sexual assaults on girls are committed by children under the age of sixteen. Also, domestic violence is more likely to happen to women than yours.

5. Sexual Abuse ..

Sexual abuse is also the act of engaging in sexual activity without one’s consent. This sexual abuse can be not only physical but also psychological. Also, there should be no physical contact with the victim. For example, forcing people to act in obscene, pornographic films and forcing them into prostitution also fall under sexual abuse.

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International Day of Girl Child We not only address the problems faced by girls around the world but also promote the empowerment of girls and celebrate their human rights record. It is celebrated every year on the eleventh of October. This year’s theme is “My Voice, Our Equal Future”. This year the girls are expected to seize the opportunity to be inspired by the change they want.

Sexual abuse is an abuse of power. It also ranks among the most violent in violence. Violence affects not only physically but also psychologically. This sexual abuse can lead to sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, depression and suicide.

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