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Do women feel the need to talk and gossip after sex? Most people need an answer to this question. You need to know what your partner wants if you want some brownie points not only in the bedroom but also in the relationship. Spending time together, such as conversation can help partners get to know each other. Sex is very personal. Most people feel vulnerable after sex. Such energetic activity gives relief not only to the body but also to the mind. Sex releases happy hormones in the mind.

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Most women feel like gossiping after sex. Do not like the silence after sex. Something will feel uncomfortable. What was said was not the point at this point, it was enough to say that something was fun. Women do not like their partners to be silent after sex. Feels like there is nothing more to share with me than sex. Suffer to be hurt.

Females are more confident about their partner after orgasm than males. The bond between the two of them is strengthened. This is due to a hormone called oxytocin that is released during sex. This is not to say that the hormone is not released in men, but that the testosterone in them suppresses this hormone. Therefore, they do not seem to speak loudly. Women who want to stay in a faithful, emotional relationship suffer a lot in the matter of silence after this sex performed by men. The interaction after sex makes the two feel even closer to each other. At this time they want to talk about their hopes and desires and the stress they are facing so that the trust and trust between the two can be strengthened. Some research shows that people who talk after sex are more likely to orgasm than those who do not.

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Women experience a sense of insecurity when their partners fall asleep saying goodnight after an experience that unites our bodies as passionate. They want to have attention on them at this time throughout the day. Sex is just as important for women after sex.

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Women want to have interaction after sex. Of course, not all women feel the same way. Some people may even feel the opposite. It depends on their personal preferences.

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