My wife is doing that with my close friend .. what can I do ..

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Question: Namaste, I am 38 years old. I am facing a big dilemma in my life. I met my wife for three years. I had a disagreement with my wife. Divers filed. It has been four years since we took divers. However I am fulfilling my responsibilities. I’m still in touch with her. I stood by her when she was admitted to the hospital with dengue fever. In short, I’m ready to start life with her again. I am ready to forget the matter of broken marriage. However, the most shocking thing I know is that my ex-wife is getting ready to get married again. He’s going to marry someone else, my best friend in college days. This thing is driving me crazy.

He came to our wedding. Just then, my wife saw him for the first time. After that he went to Germany for work. I came to know through common friends that the two of them are getting married. I have been spending sleepless nights ever since. Feeling deceived is coming to me. Many questions plague.

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Even at the time of my marriage I was haunted by the suspicion that they had an affair. Doubt is also coming as to whether my best friend is going to marry her if I want Jealousy to fail. My doubt is whether he wants to side with me for the riots that took place in College Days. How do I face my friend circle again? Beyond that I am irritated as to why my ex-wife is doing this. Please help.

Expert Answer: It is natural for anyone in your situation to be upset. Anger, the pain of being deceived as well as hatred are all bothering you now. First, understand that all of these feelings are normal. The fact that X is getting married hurts more than the fact that your ex-wife is getting married to your best friend is even more frustrating. We understand your pain.

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The thing you need to understand here is that you had the idea to meet her again after the divers. You do not know if she has an idea to start life with you again. If she wants to lead a life with you she may not have made the decision to marry someone else like this. Against this backdrop, you feel insecure about your ex-husband remarrying. Another important point is that Mirinka did not digest what the divers had become. You are not yet mentally fixed from married man to single status. Emotional luggage is still being carried. Stuck in a framework called Relationship as well as Expectations. Told her I helped her in the hospital, she might just be looking at you as a friend.

Also, you have suspicions about your ex-wife. Suspicion of having an affair with your best friend as well as your wife before marriage is also a cause of your grief. The thing you need to note here is that something has happened in the past. Your relationship ended in divorce because there was no love between the two of you. Reunion after a divorce is a magic reunion. This rarely happens.

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You have a tendency to think that you have to remarry your ex and start life. If you are married to your ex-wife you will not have a chance to meet Meerame. The idea of ​​leading a life with her never goes forward. This idea is also bothering you. What’s more, you are also intent on disturbing your social circle as your best friend prepares to marry your ex-wife. When you think that such difficulties will arise, you should realize that it is better to stay away from such circles. Or be able to deal with them. Since you both have no children, you can help your ex-wife stay away from her family as well. If you are still mentally disturbed you should talk to your parents, family as well as friends. Seek professional help if needed.

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